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Tallywackers featured shirtless male waiters wearing tight shorts, and drag shows, as seen in this Aug. 5 post to the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Tallywackers has closed, but owner Rodney Duke  says the closure is only temporary until the restaurant can find a new location. Duke told, “What it boils down to is the location we had [at 4218 Lemmon Ave.] didn’t work for us and our lease was up.”

A post on the Tallywackers Facebook page, dated Wednesday, Aug. 10, noted that the restaurant — which featured shirtless male waiters in tight shorts, a kind of male version of the popular Hooters restaurants — had “gone through many changes” since opening at the end of May, 2015. The post also thanked “the masses who have shown their support and love,” and urged fans to “stay tuned for our new location to be announced.”

The post promised the restaurant is growing “larger and better,” and ended, “Do you wanna see ‪#‎Tallywackers‬ in your city?? Tell us how much by commenting below! See you soon world ;)”

Apparently, at least some of the employees were not told the restaurant would be closing. One source said that a friend “went to work today [Tuesday, Aug. 9] to find out it’s no longer open. That’s fucked up.”