Hat tip, Mike Signorile. After interviewing HRC VP Fred Sainz earlier this week, Mike noted that, despite all the tough talk about Target, HRC was still telling people to spend their money at Target and Best Buy via that Buyer’s Guide.

That has now changed. Andy Towle has the announcement from HRC’s Michael Cole. Good work, Michael. This had to be done. There had to be consequences for Target.

Target made a calculated business decision that has turned out to be a huge mistake. I suspect many corporations make donations to blatantly homophobic candidates because they think it’s in their business interests. Target’s experience, especially in the wake of the Citizens United decision, should cause all of us to pay more attention to the beneficiaries of corporate political spending. And, other CEOs and corporate boards should heed the lessons of the Target fiasco.

As MoveOn.org says, Target ain’t people: