At a recent tasting at The Pour House to mark the redesign of the tap wall, three local breweries — Revolver, Martin House and Community — took on the task of pairing one of their signature beers with a menu item coming out of the kitchen. The results were impressive.

Revolver High Brass + fish & chips: The ultimate pub food and the defining pub beverage unite with the tilapia battered and fried in the High Brass suds. The maltiness in the beer almost made the addition of malt vinegar unnecessary.

Martin House Pretzel Stout + onion rings: Batter up … again! It’s a cliche that beer is merely liquid bread, but this brand-new Cowtown brewery made that a fact — owner Cody Martin uses 200 pounds of sourdough pretzel bread for every 1,000 gallons of beer for a heavy-duty, roasted-grain flavor on these beer-battered rings.

Community Mosaic IPA + 7th Street burger: A hefty, rich bacon-cheeseburger (pictured — owner Tschetter brags it’s the best in the city, and he makes a good point) stands up well to the bitter, carameled hops from this classic iteration of an India Pale Ale.

— A.W.J.

The Pour House, 2725 W. 7th St., Fort Worth (Pour-House.com) and PhD, 1300 W. Davis St. (PhDallas.com) offer the same menu items.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition February 7, 2014.