775813_349387968509028_1466877565_oThis week, a package was couriered to my office with the instruction to immediately consume what was inside. After ascertaining that it was not sent to me my someone I reviewed recently, I peeked inside.

And there it was: A mysterious-looking vial. Inside, a nest of white cotton.

This is what I was expected to eat.

It was, in fact, from a new local company called Fluffpop, claiming to be “gourmet cotton candy.” Uh-huh. Everything’e gourmet if you pay enough for it. It’s spun sugar — what’s gourmet about that? But I fished out the swab with a small dowel and popped the tiny sample into my mouth. And now I know what they meant by gourmet.

It was white, rather than the usual Peptopink, and you immediately could taste the flavors of guava — tropical and fresh. The materials inside promised other “exotic flavors” including lychee and cappuccino. Strangely, it even offers sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan (as well as organic) versions — I don’t even want to think what sugar-free cotton candy is made of. But I have to say, I’m curious now to taste more.