Taylor Garrett claims someone carved "Fuck Coulter" into the side of his blue 2008 Audi. (via The Daily Caller)

Garrett is shown after the alleged attack. (via Twitter)

As you may have heard, Taylor Garrett, the gay Republican cast member from The A-List Dallas, claims he was assaulted on Friday night in Dallas by someone who carved “Fuck Coulter” into the side of his vehicle, according The Daily Caller.

This marks the second time in six weeks Garrett has reported being targeted for his association with conservative commentator Ann Coulter and for being a gay Republican. Last month, Garrett alleged that a rock with a threatening note attached was thrown at the window of his Dallas Design District apartment. Some gay bloggers have alleged that Garrett falsified the report about the rock as a publicity stunt in advance of the premiere of The A-List Dallas.

We don’t know much about Friday’s incident beyond what’s already been reported, but we did manage to track down a copy of the police report Garrett filed, and we’ve posted it below.

Sr. Cpl. Gerardo Monreal, a spokesman for the Dallas Police Department, said today there have been no arrests, and he was unsure whether the case has been assigned to a detective yet. As you can see from the report, the suspect is described as a white male, approximately 6 feet, 2 inches tall. The suspect had a dark beard and was wearing a baseball hat.

The incident occurred at 10:20 p.m. at 2800 Knight St. (near Congress Avenue), where Garrett had parked his blue 2008 Audi. According to The Daily Caller, Garrett was returning to his car to retrieve a birthday gift for a friend when he noticed the suspect. According to the police report, Garrett yelled for the suspect to get away from the car. That’s when the suspect punched him in the face, causing him to fall to the ground and strike his head against the concrete. Garrett suffered a bloody nose and a cut to his ear. He returned to the party a few blocks away before calling authorities. He was treated at the scene by paramedics from Dallas Fire-Rescue.

Jason Shumaker, a spokesman for Logo, the network that is airing The A-List Dallas, said this morning that Garrett is traveling all day today and was unavailable for comment.

GOProud, a gay conservative group with which Garrett is affiliated, alleged on Twitter this weekend that the incident is an example of “anti-conservative violence from the hateful gay-left (again).”

The full police report is after the jump.

UPDATE, 3 p.m.: Laura Martin, the Dallas Police Department’s LGBT liaison officer, said this afternoon that a detective has been assigned to the case and has already spoken with Garrett.

“We’re definitely aware of it and we’re looking at it and we’re in contact with him,” Martin said. “There are no leads at this point.”

Martin said Garrett was unable to provide any additional info about the suspect, beyond what was in the initial report. She also confirmed that Garrett declined to wait for physical evidence services — or PES — which means police weren’t able to take photographs or attempt to get fingerprints from the side of the vehicle.

“Obviously there is damage to his vehicle and there is damage to his face, so it does appear that he was assaulted,” Martin said. “We just don’t know by whom.”

Martin said regardless, the incident doesn’t appear to be a hate crime.

“From reading the report, it sounds like he was targeted again for his political views and his association with Ann Coulter,” she said. “Unless he was targeted strictly because he was gay, it’s not a hate crime.”

Dallas Voice was contacted earlier today by CBS 11, which reportedly will air a story about the incident this afternoon. Martin said she’d also spoken with a reporter from The Dallas Morning News.