The other day we told you how Taylor Garrett, the gay Republican cast member from The A-List Dallas, had alleged on Twitter that a “liberal” threw a rock (above) through a window at his Dallas apartment, with a note attached calling him “an embarrassment to the gay community” and “a pathetic mother fucking twink.”

We also told you that gay blogger Joe Jervis was questioning Garrett’s report, accusing him of a publicity stunt in advance of Monday’s premiere of The A-List: Dallas. Jervis’ suspicions were fueled by the deletion of Garrett’s original tweet about the incident, along with the fact that no one could find any record of a police report having been filed.

Since then, however, we’ve learned that a report was filed with the Dallas Police Department on Friday, Oct. 7 — the same day Garrett sent out his initial tweet. Here’s a screen grab of Garrett’s archived tweet from

Some gay bloggers are now reporting that Garrett only filed a police report “four days later” — after they began to question his account. However, Instant Tea has obtained a copy of the police report that was filed Friday by someone at Garrett’s complex, which is in the Dallas Design District.

In an exclusive interview published today, Garrett told The Huffington Post that the report was filed by the manager of his complex, who noticed broken glass on his balcony.

Garrett told The Huffington Post that he’d returned from filming for The A List in Los Angeles late Thursday, but hadn’t noticed the window was broken.

Garrett said after learning that his name wasn’t on the original report, he called police again — resulting in a second report dated Monday, which led to reports that he’d filed it four days after the fact.

We’ve posted our copy of the original report below. (Note that we have redacted the name and exact location of Garrett’s apartment complex.)

Sr. Cpl. Melinda Gutierrez, a spokeswoman for the Dallas Police Department, said today that no further information was available about DPD’s investigation of the incident.

Laura Martin, the department’s LGBT liaison officer who reportedly is assisting with the investigation, couldn’t immediately be reached.

A woman who answered the phone in the office at Garrett’s apartment complex declined comment.

We should note that the fact that a report was filed on Friday doesn’t necessarily mean Garrett’s account is true. For example, who’s to say that he didn’t throw the rock through the window himself?

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