Taylor Garrett

Two rocks with threatening notes attached — not one — were found last week outside a broken window at the Design District apartment of Taylor Garrett, a gay Republican cast member from the The A-List Dallas.

Laura Martin, LGBT liaison officer for the Dallas Police Department, said today that a porter at the complex found the first rock in some mulch in the bushes. The porter looked up and saw broken glass on the door to Garrett’s second-floor balcony. The porter notified the apartment manager, who contacted a Dallas police officer who lives at the complex. It’s unclear when the porter actually found the rock, Martin said, but records show the officer filed his report last Friday morning and placed the rock into evidence.

Martin said the officer wasn’t initially able to contact Garrett, who has said he returned late last Thursday from Los Angeles, where he’d been filming for The A List. When someone from the complex finally got ahold of Garrett, they went onto the balcony and discovered a second rock with a similar note attached. They also discovered that the double-pane glass window was broken only halfway through, Martin said.

Garrett apparently kept the second rock, posting a photograph of it on Twitter later Friday along with a tweet that read, “My place is nice and breezy now thanks to a liberal.”

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” the note attached to the rock read. “You are not A-List. More like Z-List. You are nothing but a nelly twink trying to get attention by calling yourself a republican. You are nothing but an embarrassment to the gay community. Watch your fucking back you pathetic mother fucking twink.”

He also posted a photograph of the broken glass on the door. But Garrett’s name was listed only as a witness, and not the complainant, on the initial police report. Which meant it didn’t show up in DPD’s public online records, helping fuel speculation among gay bloggers that Garrett’s tweet was a publicity stunt in advance of the show’s Monday premiere.

Since then, Martin said, a detective working the case has left messages with Garrett, but as of this morning he hadn’t returned the phone calls. Garrett has, however, given an interview to The Huffington Post about the incident.

Martin acknowledged there are some notable discrepancies — such as Garrett’s tweet about a “breeze” versus the fact that the window wasn’t broken all the way though. In the end, though, she’s willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“I wouldn’t have any reason to think that it didn’t happen the way he’s presented it,” Martin said.

The incident has been classified as criminal mischief, and not a more serious offense like assault, because the threat contained in the note wasn’t sufficiently direct, specific or credible, Martin said. And it isn’t a hate crime because Garrett appears to have been targeted because of his political affiliation or for other reasons, as opposed to his sexual orientation.

Police have no eyewitnesses and no suspects, Martin said, which means their investigation will almost certainly be suspended in the very near future.

Martin noted that based on the comments to stories online about the incident, Garrett has his share of haters. Garrett recently had lunch with Ann Coulter, whose slated appearance on The A-List has led to calls for a boycott of the show.

“Because there are so many people who don’t like him, I think it would be a shot in the dark trying to figure out who might have done that,” Martin said. “I don’t know who put the rock there. I don’t know who threw the rock. Who knows how that rock ended up there and how that glass was broken?”