I headed over to the Big D Bear Dance Friday night to snap a few photos for this here blog and didn’t expect the party to be such a big party. The Palladium’s floor is huge but they modified it by marking in the dance floor a bit and surrounded with more seating. By 10 p.m., the floor was busy and then jam packed by 1 a.m. DJ Ted Eiel lived up to his “muscle house” brand of DJing playing strong beats and familiar songs that gave an exciting flair to the event. He veered away from droning thumps of elongated techno music to play high energy radio hits. It worked because there was never a lag in the dance action. Which is how you want a party to be.

The dance is actually a partner of Texas Bear Round-Up rather than being put on by any of the TBRU steering committees. Having said that, the people behind the Bear Dance still gave proceeds from the cover charge to TBRU’s beneficiaries. And with all the beef and fur there, that probably amounted to a sweet chunk of change.

Anyway, here are a bunch of photos of the dance floor and some of the people there.

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