I took advantage of the very little time I had on my hands today to ponder the weekend. While I have credentials waiting for me to catch the Perez Hilton showcase at South By Southwest in Austin, I also feel inclined to stick around here to cover Texas Bear Round Up XVI. What to do? But then I started thinking, what if these two had a baby and merged into some big music bearfest ( preferably right here in town)? What bands would play? Heck, most of the indie bands at South By are grizzled, bearded gents minus the girth, so half the battle is done.

Yes, this is how I think — and subsequently, this is what I came up with.

Grizzly Bear — Yes, it’s obvious, but you can’t go far with stumbling onto a band nowadays without the word “bear” in it. Trust me. But GB seems to be the only one with gay members and lyrics geared toward the gay ear. Loving!

The Growlers — This California band is performing at SXSW but we think a certain app would be more than happy to sponsor this show. Besides, how can you not love some good surf rock, especially if it’s titled “Gay Thoughts.”

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Bear in Heaven —So the indie rock thing might get old for you, but I can’t seem to get enough of this New York band. With just enough pop in the rock ‘n’ roll bounce, I can’t seem to stop listening to them.They played South By last year btw.

Hoots and Hellmouth — Bearded hipsters for days but their Americana rock is infectious and I’ve had a crush on this band for a long time. Plus, they give a hell of a performance.

Minus the Bear — Come on. One more bear band won’t hurt.