Outside of the location on Abrams and Mockingbird, I really hadn’t thought TCBY was still much in the froyo game, but today’s drive-by proved me wrong. I was slightly stunned when Red Mango quietly closed about three months ago, but it doesn’t look to be an empty space much longer — or even stop selling yogurt. TCBY moves in soon.

The sign has actually been up since the Pride parade, Eric Pederson told me.

“We’re very excited to have them here,.” Pederson of the Crosland Group said. “We’re hoping that the shop will be up and running by Dec. 1.”

Pederson handles the retail leasing for the ilume. There is still some paperwork and permits to complete, but Pederson foresees the location to be a great addition to the gayborhood. Unlike the Lakewood location, this TCBY may go with the self-serve format like many of the newer froyo shops. Perhaps TCBY is finding its competitive spirit again.