the straight Ted Haggard
the straight Ted Haggard

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, mega-church minister and meth user Ted Haggard has started a new church in Colorado Springs. His career came to a sudden halt when the male prostitute he regularly visited identified him.

Three years ago today, he resigned his position at New Life Church with a 13-month severance package. According to the Gazette’s report, the conditions included not starting a new church anywhere nearby.

Mike Jones, the gay man who turned Haggard in, had this to say about Haggard on his blog:

“Ted Haggard certainly has the right to do what ever he wants and deserves to be happy in life.  But make no mistake: Ted does nothing by accident.  This will be in the press, two months before Gayle’s book is released and then his book to follow.  At this point, publicity is publicity.

“But to sum it up, if Ted and Gayle were at Disneyland, they would never leave Fantasyland.”

We’ll be praying for Ted.

— David Taffet

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