I just had a conversation with Dennis Page of KCBI Radio, and he asked me if I thought the LGBT civil rights movement and the African-American civil rights movement are the same.

I told him I could only answer that from my own perspective as a white gay woman, and that I cannot presume to speak for African-Americans of any sexual orientation. My personal belief is that the two are not just the same, because the battles we have had to fight, the perspective from which we have fought them is different. One example: African-Americans cannot hide the color of their skin. They cannot be “in the closet” about being black. I believe that my sexual orientation is just as innate a characteristic as the color of my skin, but it is possible for me to “hide” that orientation. I should not HAVE to hide who I am, but it is possible.

But saying that the two movements are not exactly the same does not mean I believe that the gay rights movement is less valid. Civil rights are civil rights, and everyone deserves to be treated equally.

That’s just my personal belief. Tell me what you think.users-website.ruyandex реклама на сайте