Gay designer Matt Jalili unveils haunting threads in dark new show

Young fashionistas should always keep it fresh. And by all means, they should scare the hell out of us, too. (Photo by DANIEL A. KUSNER/Dallas Voice)

Young fashionistas should always keep it fresh. And by all means, they should scare the hell out of us, too.

Last year, Matt Jalili ignited his burgeoning career with “Hot Bitch,” a fashion show at Minc Lounge that wove bright pinks, camouflage and neon-splattered garments for women, men and even drag entertainers. The vibe was very “Paris Hilton party girl” meets “Dumpster diving.”

Barley into his 20s, Jalili has also been keen on branding his line, Mattamorphis Designs and you could spot his trademark ginormous monogram M from across any dance floor in Dallas.

On Saturday, Jalili unveils a new surprise as Mattamorphis throws the Night Mare Ball at a downtown photo studio. He’s ditching the fluorescent colors and mega-bold patterns. Instead, Jalili’s inviting you into his frightening nocturnal vision. Using rusty nails as buttons and a truckload of safety pins, Jalili has created more than 20 women’s garments. It’s all very “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” just in time for Memorial Day.

During a recent photo shoot, Jalili showed me a new dress: a stained, muslin-patterned explosion that was topped off with a necklace that threatened to decapitate the waif who dares to wear it.

What are his nightmares about? Jalili said one vision that keeps recurring features spiders inside cereal boxes.

Don’t you just love super-twisted inspiration a la David Lynch?

When he’s not stitching hardware into his creations, Jalili helps customers at Crimson in the City, a cute new boutique across the street from the downtown Neiman Marcus. Jalili says Mattamorphis is starting a charming new T-shirt line that will reflect his disdain for Dallas pretentiousness.

Daniel A. Kusner

Night Mare Ball,
2030 Main Street at Pearl Street. Fourth Floor. From 8 pm. to midnight. Black attire suggested. Free.
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