By Leslie Robinson – General Gayety

News keeps on coming, even in the summer when we wish it would take a vacation

It seems easier to ignore the news when it’s summer and there are so many alluring ways to spend your time.

But as ever, things are happening out in the world. Take this news quiz to see if you’re managing to keep up, or if the chlorine has reached your brain.

1. According to the numbers,
the biggest Pride celebration
on the planet in June took
place in:
a. Sao Paulo, Brazil
b. Chicago, Ill.
c. Edinburgh, Scotland
d. Weehawken, N.J.

2. The opportunities for LGBT athletes
have confusingly plentiful this summer.
Chicago played host to the Gay Games July
15-22. And now Montreal is the site of the:
a. Outgames
b. Ingames
c. Endgames
d. Funandgames

3. A transgender child, biologically a boy,
will start kindergarten this fall as a girl in
which location?
a. Broward County, Fla.
b. Berlin, Germany
c. her home
d. the moon

4. The aggressive opposition
to holding WorldPride in
Jerusalem in August included
a leafleting of local ultra-
Orthodox neighborhoods.
The leaflets, which some
claim were a prank, included
instructions on weapons and
promised a reward of $4,500
to anyone who “

a. kills
b. wound
c. slaps
d. tickles

5. Over little more than a week in July,
same-sex marriage supporters lost court
cases in:
a. New York, Georgia, Massachusetts
Connecticut, Nebraska and Tennessee
b. Key West and San Francisco
c. Greece, Honduras and Thailand
d. Atlantis

6. The current buzz is that the piping-hot
Marina will return to Showtime’s “The L
Word” next season. The actress who plays
her is:
a. Karina Lombard
b. Carole Lombard
c. Roseanne Barr
d. RuPaul

7. The family of an openly gay Indian
prince recently placed notices in a local
newspaper that they:
a. have disowned him
b. need a deprogrammer for him
c. request prayers for him
d. seek a superb boyfriend for him

8. That the U.S. House scheduled a vote on
the constitutional marriage ban, even
though it already lost in the Senate, strong-
ly suggests House Republicans are:
a. aiming to energize the right wing
b. using fear for political gain
c. a bunch of putzes
d. all of the above

The answers are all “a,” except for the final question, where the answer is “d.”
If you scored well, congratulations.

If you didn’t, congratulations you might just be having too much fun to pay attention.

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, July 28, 2006. mobile gamesстоимость директ