Texas donors have contributed $96,851 to groups supporting Proposition 8, according to reports from the California Secretary of State’s Office that were compiled by Dallas Voice. The reports were posted on the Secretary of State’s Web site Thursday afternoon, too late to be included in my story for this week’s Voice about the California Marriage fight. The $96,851 in support of Proposition 8 is almost double the $52,642 from Texas donors opposing the measure. There were actually fewer people from Texas who gave money to groups supporting Proposition 8, about 65, than there were who gave money to groups opposing it, about 200. However, the pro-Proposition 8 contributions from Texas included $50,000 from Dale Brown of Midland, president of Petroleum Strategies Inc.; and $25,000 from Loren Carroll, a retiree from Kingwood. The biggest contribution from Texas to groups opposing Proposition 8 was $5,000.

Also, above is a look at one of the TV ads that’s been purchased by the Yes on 8 campaign. These ads are being blamed for the shift in the polls that nows show Proposition 8 ahead by 5 percentage points.онлайн консультацияпроверить pagerank сайта