City Halls

Plus, our city hall is prettier.

The Sixteenth Annual Gay and Lesbian Tourism Report is out and Houston is listed as one of the top twenty business and leisure destinations for American and Canadian LGBT travelers. Three Texas cities made the top twenty and, in a ranking I’m sure Houstini’s Dallas Voice overlords are itching to rub in, Dallas scored best, tying for 10th place. Austin and Houston tied at 18th. [The complete ranking is after the jump]

The study, produced by San Fransisco based Community Marketing, surveyed over 10,000 LGBT respondents in the U.S. and Canada about their travel habits and what motivates (or demotivates) them to pick a destination. It doesn’t say what would posses someone to pick Big D over the Bayou City as a destination, so we’re left to simply guess. As someone who’s lived in both cities I feel uniquely qualified to wager that guess and so, in no particular order, follows five reasons to pick Dallas over Houston as your LGBT travel destination:

5. You base your travel decisions on which city has the most severe crystal meth problem.

4. Who cares about art or culture when Dallas has such great shopping! You can go the Highland Park Mall, or to… um, (isn’t there some kind of department store downtown?) You can go to the Highland Park Mall!

3. You find mayors who don’t support LGBT inclusive policies sexy.

2. You enjoy the existential angst of trying to figure out why someone would spend $93 million to build a bridge over a drainage ditch.

1. Harvey Milk lived there once, for like six whole months.

(got a reason to visit Dallas over Houston? Leave it in the comments.)

Top 20 business and leisure destinations for American and Canadian LGBT travelers
(According to the Sixteenth Annual Gay and Lesbian Tourism Report)

1. New York
2. Chicago
2. Las Vegas
2. San Francisco
5. Los Angeles
5. Washington DC
7. Fort Lauderdale
7. San Diego
7. Boston
10. Atlanta
10. Dallas
10. Miami
10. New Orleans
10. Orlando
10. Palm Springs
10. Philadelphia
10. Seattle
18. Austin
18. Baltimore
18. Denver
18. Hawaii
18. Houston
18. Key West
18. Napa
18. Phoenix
18. Portland
18. Provincetown
18. Sonoma
18. Tampa/St.Pete