If you see someone who looks like this, dont worry, theyre totally friendly.
If you see someone who looks like this, don’t worry, they’re totally friendly.

I just got a quick lesson in who the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are from Danzig McPherson but for good reason. He’s in the process of starting a house right here in these parts and trust me, it’s a process.

“It’s a little bit complicated,” he said. But that’s a total understatement.

The Dallas Fort Worth Sisters of Our Lady of the Long Horn are working toward becoming a professed house serving North Texas. These queer “nuns,” however, have to earn that before becoming official. And part of that means a manifestation. That’s going to happen this weekend at the Hidden Door on Sunday during their Beer Bust at 2 p.m. They then follow up at the Dallas Eagle that night during the UCLSE Dumae Anniversary show at 7 p.m. A manifestation is basically a public appearance. As nuns. In makeup.

The idea of the group is to serve in the community and McPherson feels this is just perfect for him. As an active member of the community in several fashions, he feels this is truly a calling.

“My entire adult life has been dedicated to community. Sisterhood is like the center point for all the madness in the community. It reaches out to every aspect of the community – bears, leather, twinks, everybody,” he says.

But give them some time. They are hoping to be professed within a couple of years but they’ve got preparation and duties to fulfill as the Nun Pretty Council Nuns Privy Council determines their status.  However, he’s open to welcoming in potential sisters and guards for the house. Plus, you get to have an outrageous name to go along with it.

Our own McPherson is also known as Novice Sister B Yotch, Bitch of the Blessed Bling. And his husband partakes as Guard Cardinal Sin, Friar of Chicken Hawks. Oh, and he’s the treasurer.

Check out their Web site for further info on joining. Or meet up with them this Sunday. They’ll be hard to miss.проверка позиций в яндексе