Back in December we told you about Skye Wyatt, the student who’s suing her former softball coaches at Kilgore High School — Rhonda Fletcher and Cassandra Newell — for allegedly outing her as a lesbian to her mother.

The federal lawsuit filed by Skye and her mom, Barbara Wyatt, alleges that the coaches locked her in a locker room in March 2009 and threatened and interrogated her, before outing her to Barbara and kicking her off the team. The coaches reportedly were angry because Skye was dating a girl whom Newell may have previously dated.

In addition to the coaches, the lawsuit names the athletic director and the school district, which it says has an unconstitutional policy requiring staff to disclose the sexual orientation of students to their parents.

The case is now scheduled for trial in November, according to the News Journal of Longview.

The school district denies the allegations, arguing in court documents that the coaches and athletic director were “performing discretionary duties, in good faith, within the course and scope of (their) employment duties.”

Read the full text of the original lawsuit here.