Tacoma, Wash., was named The Advocate’s Gayest City in America for 2013.

The Advocate, which is relaunching its print edition, freely admits that the criteria for its annual Gayest Cities in America list are totally subjective. And with marriage equality carrying the most weight, it’s easy to see how the Lone Star State could get snubbed. But it’s still kind of surprising, especially given that Austin has made the list previously, but this year, no Texas city even got one of the 10 honorable mentions. With the Twin Cities, Minn., on the list, I’m also curious whether Dallas and Fort Worth shouldn’t have been considered together? But before you get too upset about this, just remember that Tacoma, Wash., is No. 1. Really, Advocate? Here’s the full list:

15. St. Louis
14. Salem, Ore.
13. Colorado Springs, Colo.
12. Providence, R.I.
11. Oakland
10. Twin Cities, Minn.
9. Atlanta
8. Madison, Wisc.
7. Eugene, Ore.
6. Salt Lake City
5. Seattle
4. Washington, D.C.
3. Spokane, Wash.
2. Springfield, Mass.
1. Tacoma, Wash.