In late September, we launched an online series called Tex’n the City, where former Dallasite Brandon James Singleton chronicled the months leading up to his 30th birthday as a transplant to Southern California. He started with a checklist, then moved one-by-one through the things he wanted to accomplish before the big day: 1. Live in a dream home, 2. have a well-paying career, 3. get a hot body, 4. enjoy his social circle, 5. have a great boyfriend, 6. be drama free, 7. have “respect,” 8. have security, 9. have a BFF and finally, 10. be ready for the future. Rarely did what he think he wanted — or had — turn out to be what he imagined.

On Dec. 15, Brandon hit his mark. Here’s Part 1 to his post-script to the first 30 years.


I’ve compared life to the cinema a lot over the last few weeks. But just like the movies, sometimes when things look slim, that silver-lining comes from nowhere.

1. DREAM HOME. I am enjoying living on the West Coast more than any place I’ve ever lived. I love Texas. I’ll always love Texas. But being in Hollywood has forced me to grow up, in every way.

There’s an energy that drives people out here to go after what they want. And succeed in obtaining it. It’s one of the busiest places in the world. And it can feel lonely and make you feel insignificant if you allow it to. But it can also make you feel inspired and motivate you to rise up to the challenge and achieve your dreams.

I am in love with Hollywood. I was born here. It just took nearly 30 years for the prodigal son to find his way home.

2. WELL-PAYING CAREER. A few days ago, I get the call I’ve been waiting for since September: I was offered a full time position with one of the companies I’ve been interning for. Within the week, I was working on sets for Lifetime, Nick@Nite and NBC.

All of these months of hard work are paying off.

3. HOT BOD. OK … so ya know when you’re vacuuming and you finish a room and move on to another, then you go back and you realize you missed one little spot? Maybe that’s just the black Joan Crawford in me, but point is: you found my spot. And not the good one I’m hoping to introduce to Taye Diggs’ say look-alike one day.

I’ve been working out weekly. Unfortunately, I enjoy a little thing called eating. So, I still need to find balance with my meals.

However, a few months ago, you wouldn’t have caught me in a bathing suit. Fortunately, God loves me (some would say pity) my pecs and arms aren’t where I want them to be, but thankfully, my abs and thighs make up for it.

So I’m content at the moment. Now that I have that I’ve been offered that full time position, perhaps a personal trainer isn’t as foreign an idea as thinking my future ex-husband (No. 2) is gonna come riding down Sunset Boulevard on a white horse and pull me up out of a crowd as we go trotting into the — wait for it — sunset. (Get it? Sunset? Boulevard? No? To quote myself from column No. 4, “You can all suck it.”)

4. SOCIAL CIRCLE. I reunited with an old high school bestie, Katie, (who happens star in those Paranormal Activity movies), and after catching up over where life and experiences, conversations veered to my birthday. Katie turned 30 a few months earlier, and she immediately spoke of how empowered she now felt: “stronger, more confident, more in control. …”

Well, it’s true. After months of allowing my insecurities to surface and facing my confidence issues with the direction of my life, I woke up today feeling more alive than ever. I feel like I’m so focused on the ultimate goal and like there’s nothing that can stop me.

Just like that.

And with that has come this ability to connect on a different level with some amazing people. And appreciate everyone in my life so much more than I ever have before.

I did a tour a few years back with Diana DeGarmo. We were cool and had a blast doing the show. Now I literally live around the corner from her, and it has made us much closer. She’s a genuine person who cares about those in her life.

And Renee, whom I knew from our show days at Busch Gardens Africa, has been a positive and incredible person, who’ll go out on a limb for the people she cares about. No matter what the issue is.

Jim makes me challenge myself. He makes me realize when I’m starting to get into that whoa-is-me stage, it’s time to do something instead of sitting around pitying myself. (He also makes the best Bloody Mary ever.)

And when I think of these new forces in my life, mixed with my other friends like Brandon, and Elise, and Joseph who’ve been in the picture for years, and may not be here in person, but are always just a text, phone call, or email away. I feel blessed.

My BFF is moving out here early next year. And Elise is getting married.

Gah — I can’t wait for all of the future memories to come.

5. DATING/PFH (potential future husband). Whoops — seems you’ve missed another spot with that pesky vacuum, Christina.

So Remy’s on probation. Ya learn a lot about people’s hidden traits, traits you may not particularly found of, when they get really comfortable with you.

I won’t go into detail, but let’s say, you have to control yourself and your liquor intake, in public. The end. LOL. This is one thing on the list that I don’t mind taking more time with.

I’m no expert on love, but I still want romance. I want to be intrigued. I want to what Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore had in 40 First Dates. I want to feel like he’s always putting in the effort to get to know me. And vice versa. If we wouldn’t make it as friends full- time, we’ll never make it as lovers.

But I am dating still. And with the pay raise, I’ll be dating a little bit more. Until I happen upon that feeling, I’m good with holding off. Thirty and single — gotta mingle.

If I can only somehow obtain Adam Levine’s home address.

Part 2 tomorrow, folks.