cowboy_butts_1The Texas Gay Rodeo Association’s annual meeting will be held in Dallas this weekend, and while that might sound like a stuffy corporate thingamajig, the cowfolk know how to do it up right.

For example, the main meeting to discuss by-laws and such won’t be held in an office conference center or hotel hall, but inside the Rose Room at Station 4 on Sunday morning. On Saturday morning, committees will be at Sue Ellen’s Vixin Lounge. But even beyond that, there will be plenty of fun, including mixers on Friday night at the Round-Up Saloon and Sue Ellen’s, a bachelor/bachelorette auction and barbecue at the Hidden Door on Saturday night.

Another good thing about it being held here is Dallas chapter chair Dan Nagel will receive TGRA’s Founders Award, the top honor awarded by the group, for embodying the values and mission of TGRA, which has contributed more than $2.7 million to charity over the course of its existence. 2013 marks the organization’s 30th year.

Members from the five chapters — Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio — will be in town for the event, so if you see a surplus of Tom Lamas, well, you know why. Say howdy!