Thairrific owner Danny Sikora with one of his Reader’s Voice awards

Thairrific, a restaurant on Throckmorton Street specializing in Asian cuisine, will close in its current location on Sunday (Nov. 13), according to its owner, Danny Sikora. The restaurant has won multiple Dallas Voice Reader’s Voice awards.

The restaurant has been open for more than five years and its lease is up. Sikora said he’s been on a month-to-month basis for several months now. He’s been looking at alternative locations, both on and off The Strip. Several locations have opened facing Cedar Springs Road over the past year, and he has been talking to landlords about the possibility of taking one of those spaces.

By city code, restaurants must provide more parking spaces than retail stores. Also, restaurants require more remodeling than retail locations, including adding plumbing and grease traps. That makes adding restaurants on Cedar Springs Road a challenge.

Sikora promised Thairrific would return. In the mean time, Thairrific’s staff will work at Zephyr, the European-style cafe and bakery Sikora opened with Josh Friedman on the corner of Cedar Springs Road and Throckmorton Street.