Last week, we ran an interview with Yen Tan, director and co-author of the new gay film “Ciao,” which plays this week at the AFI Dallas International Film Festival. We had planned to also interview Alessandro Calza, the co-star and co-author of the film. However, at the last minute, Calza was unable to come to the U.S. (he lives and works in Italy). And unfortunately, by the time Calza responded to some questions we send him via e-mail, the issue had gone to press.

But that’s the glory of the Internet. Click on this link, and you can read lost interview with Alessandro Calza, who will break more than a few hearts when you realize he won’t be in town anytime in the near future. But I’m thinkin’ of heading to Italy. Soon. Sigh. секреты написания продающих текстовпродающий дизайн сайта