They don’t waste too much time at the Gay VNs. Hardly any acceptance speeches lasted more than one minute — but many included the F word. The ceremony was being filmed and shown on video screens all over the Gift Center, however, nominee clips were not included.

And to hurry along the evening, they nixed the scheduled intermission.

Here are some winners from major categories:

Best picture: “Grunts,” Raging Stallion.

Bests director: “Grunts,” Raging Stallion, Chris Ward/Ben Leon.

Performer of the year: Jake Deckard (also in “Grunts”).

Best actor: Jake Deckard for “Grunts” Raging Stallion.

Best sex scene: Ricky Sinz and Roman Ragazzi, “Grunts,” Raging Stallion.

Best group scene: “Link: The Evolution,” All Worlds Video, Steve Cruz, Johnny Hazzard, Joe Strong, Matt Majors and Brendan Davies.

Best newcomer: Blake Riley

Then a severely inebriated Lady Bunny slurred her way through some poignant closing remarks: “In addition to all the artistry and magic we’ve seen tonight, you’re all a bunch of sluts! ”

And then she spit her gum out.

While everyone was milling out, Bunny, left, Chad Hunt, middle, and Chi Chi LaRue huddled for a quickie photo op.


After this photo was taken, Bunny dropped to her knees and begged Hunt to whip out his 11-inch weapon. A great sport, Hunt obliged.

— Daniel A. Kusner

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