To say the folks at AFA have a ton of time on their hands is an understatement. While the economy continues to tank, the deficit skyrockets and the Middle East remains tumultuous, those at the AFA have time to be worried about Home Depot Homos.

Always wanting to fill their Christian coffers, AFA President Tim Wildmon never misses an opportunity to play the fear card (otherwise known as the ATM card of the religious right). This time it was bombastic mix – kids, gays, parades and power tools.

In his email alert Mr. Wildmon warns Home Depot is tirelessly advancing the always dreaded, but never defined, “homosexual agenda.” What is Home Depot’s crime against humanity? They actually have workshops at gay pride events for the children of gay parents. Outlandish!

Bowing to the altar of pettiness, AFA is even upset the Home Depot – gasp – had its mascot on the scene.

At issue is the Central Pennsylvania Gay Pride Parade. Armed with what AFA believes to be damning photos, the organization blasts Home Depot for allowing individuals sporting Home Depot T-shirts for walking down the parade route with children.

To AFA’s credit, the photos do show children walking with folks in the parade and they do show a Home Depot kids workshop. But what is wrong with that?

Not one of the three pictures produced show children being exposed to questionable behavior, unless home improvement is now a sin. And while AFA alleges children were exposed to things such as nudity and cross-dressers, there is no evidence to back up the claim.

Rather, AFA’s smokeless gun evidence shows kids at a parade, most likely with family, having fun. Even more disturbing is the fact that AFA did not take into consideration that these children may have gay parents. The organization, due to its rose-colored glasses, cannot see what is right before its eyes – a family.

This small-mindedness exposes the truth behind AFA’s man-made perversion of Christian values. AFA is only worried about the families who drink their homemade moral Kool-Aid. As for other “families” outside their narrow box, forget about it. How Christian of them.

AFA would rather deprive and embarrass the children of gay families than to honor the very thing the organization claims to advocate – the family unit. Mr. Wildmon, because of his obsession with gays, is more of a threat to these kids than any Home-Depot children’s workshop.

And no AFA Action Alert – issued to benefit humanity – would be complete without the organization asking for money. Has AFA confused the love of Christ with the actions of the Pharisees? One would think so.

See the full ad — and the beg for cash — below the fold.

American Family Association

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The Home Depot shock factor – We found more Kids Workshops at more gay events

Children exposed to transvestites, cross dressers and nudity

September 8, 2010

Dear Joe,

When Central Pennsylvania holds its annual gay pride festival each year, The Home Depot doesn't just set up Kids Workshops. It also marches children down the parade route.

For the past couple of years, The Home Depot has sponsored and participated in the annual Central PA gay and lesbian pride parade and festival.

AFA has found these photos of the event. In one photo, The Home Depot employees actually take children down the parade route. In another, an “OK Gay Daddy” works The Home Depot Kids Workshop.

The Home Depot is so proud of its support for homosexuality that the company mascot was on hand to promote the company’s endorsement at a recent Chicago parade.

The Home Depot is committed to promoting the homosexual agenda. It is also committed to supporting groups that are pushing for homosexual marriage.


1. Sign the Boycott Pledge at
2. Call your local store manager. 
Let the manager know that you will not be shopping at The Home Depot until the company stops supporting the homosexual agenda. You can find the number here. (click “Store Finder”)
3. Print the paper petition and distribute it at Sunday School and church.

It is very important that you forward this alert to your friends and family members.



Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association

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