DJ Mickey makes “Disco Heaven” on the dance floor

So you got your ticket, your outfits ready to go and you’ve had her playing on your itunes this whole week already. Still not feeling prepared? OK, first of all, you’re a freak. Second, Gaga would probably appreciate that. Fortunately, the Brick has you covered.

DJ Mickey has the hits, remixes and every tune and video remotely connected to Lady Gaga for the Brick’s Gear Up for Gaga night. If you’re going for a Gaga fix because you didn’t snag tickets for the show, well, your plans could change as the club selects a winner for a pair of tix to the show.

Or if you’ve had it up to here with the fame monster, Little Chalupa’s Karaoke will still go on. Hey, can we request “Poker Face?” No? Our bad.

DEETS: The Brick/Joe’s, 2525 Wycliff, #120. 9 p.m.