By David Taffet

After 16 years as a hair stylist, Christian Colbert noticed a lot of clients had the same problems. Hair falling in their faces, ruining their makeup; bleach running into their eyes; hair spray stinging their faces. "Shouldn’t there be a product to protect them?" Colbert thought. So he began developing a guard to protect them.

More than a decade later, his Pro-Tech Face Shields are on the market. The polyester-plastic protector, attached with a medical-grade, hypoallergenic adhesive, is applied above the eyebrows and covers past the lips.

"For contact wearers, it protects them from hair spray and it’s great for anyone with allergies," Colbert says. It has many uses including "keeping itchy hair out of makeup, and [protecting against] hair color, bleach and perm solution."

After years of testing and perfecting, Colbert took his idea to the Small Business Development Center in Oak Cliff. They helped him with patent attorneys and manufacturers and then guided him through the process of getting his product on the market.

Colbert invested $10,000 and a client put in an additional amount. Now available at some Sally Beauty Supply stores, Colbert says that more are actually sold by platform artists after demonstrations at hair shows. A package of 40 sells for $9.95.

Now that he’s about to break even on his face shields, Colbert continues to invent products for his industry. His latest product is a curling iron burn protector. The idea came when he noticed clients with little burns and scabs on their neck and ears. This product covers the forehead and ears with a separate piece for the back of the neck. The silver facing is made of the same material that covers an ironing board and the backing is a thermal cloth, like an oven mitt. (Although not yet in stores, Colbert sells them for $19.95.)

Contact Christian Colbert at DeNovo, 2603 Oak Lawn Ave., 214-219-4100, or Sally Beauty Supply, 940-898-7500, for more information.

David Taffet

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice Body & Fitness print edition February 15, 2008

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