Last weekend, a group of 24 “thinkers, donors and activists” from across the country met at a DFW Airport hotel to discuss the “immediate need” for full LGBT equality. During what they’re now referring to as “the Dallas Meeting,” from May 15-17, these 24 people came up with a document they’re calling “the Dallas Principles,” which you can read more about by going here or here.

Now I suppose we should be honored that this group met at DFW Airport and named their document after our fair city, but here’s the problem: Not one of them was from Dallas, Fort Worth or even Texas. According to their Web site, they came from 10 different states, and all but one of those states is on the East or West coasts (which seems somewhat at odds with one of their principles, “We will not leave any part of our community behind.”)

It’s unclear who organized this meeting or how participants were selected, but the authors of the Dallas Principles are claiming that because they’ve published their names on the Web site after the fact, they’ve achieved “full transparency.” However, as far as I know, no one from the media — and certainly not Dallas Voice — was notified about this meeting in advance.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to take anything away from the goals of the meeting or the document these folks came up with. But next time y’all decide to get together in Texas, could you at least let someone from here know?консультант для сайта бесплатностудия контекстной рекламы