We’re not the only ones griping about The Dallas Principles, the document a group of 24 self-appointed LGBT leaders who were almost exclusively from the coasts came up with last weekend during a secret meeting at a DFW Airport hotel. As we noted below, despite the fact that this meeting took place at DFW, not one of these 24 people was from Dallas or even Texas. Furthermore, only one of them was from a non-flyover state, Colorado, and six were from “inside the Beltway.”

Anyhow, the latest criticism of The Dallas Principles comes from the leaders of another project, The Denver Principles Project, a grassroots effort launched recently by the the National Association of People With AIDS, POZ magazine and 400 other HIV/AIDS groups around the country.

The leaders of The Denver Principles Project are asking the authors of The Dallas Principles to change the name of their document lest it create confusion between the two initiatives and ultimately damage The Denver Principles Project. In response to this request, the authors of The Dallas Principles reportedly offered to put a link to The Denver Principles Project on their Web site, but needless to say the folks at The Denver Principles Project aren’t satisfied.

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