Lady Gaga

Some of us heading to tonight’s Gaga show see it as just another concert. We get the big deal of it and all that, but for two Dallas Voicers, they weren’t going without making an impression. Both Chance and Ramon are sparkling up their wardrobe before hitting the American Airlines Center tonight and tomorrow. Of course, we had to show you what they had in mind.

The Breakdown: Ramon is wearing a Fame T-shirt from the movie of the same name. Bedazzling the logo, he hopes everyone remembers his name — and the shirt. He didn’t hold back on accessories. His sunglasses have undergone the bedazzling as well with his right eye clearly the location of his G-spot. Chance has taken his vintage sparkly vest to new limits. First, he tries it as a head wrap. Unsatisfied with the look, he turned into a “shirt,” but he tells me he’ll put it to its original use come show time. He’s accessorized with a tiara, mask and glasses found around the office.

After the jump, behold Dallas Voice’s own little monsters.

Ramon and Chance

Monsters are leaving the building.