SAN FRANCISCO — Roving Life+Style reporter, Daniel A. Kusner, is at the 10th annual Gay Video News awards at the Gift Center on Brannon Street.

It’s 7:15 p.m., and the red carpet entrances have just petered out.

What’s unique about this celeb-studded red carpet ceremony? It’s primarily all hunk-a-licious, camera ready, super-fine men. And F-to-M trans star, Buck Angel.

Lady Bunny is about take the stage. Here are some shots from the carpet.

Michael Lucas:


Director/drag legend, Chi Chi LaRue:


Eric Rhodes (left, aka known as Marc Jacobs’ new boy toy), some trans starlet, middle, and Falcon legend Matthew Rush:


And porn impresario David Forest:

david-forest.jpgподать объявление в гугл