Jack E. Jett is movin’ on up to the new Cedar Springs hotspot. Teaming up with Luke Crosland from the Crosland Group, Jett has created Radio ilume for the month of December. His first special guest co-host for the new radio adventure is legendary local TV personality, Bobby Wygant. His special guests list is pretty hot too.

This week he’ll have retired NBA player and gay advocate John Amaechi, Hal Sparks from Queer As Folk, Ed Asner, The Price is Right‘s Bob Barker and Debbie Reynolds who Jett describes as “a pre-Madonna queen’s best friend.”

If the cold is going to keep you in, you can catch the Jack E. Jett Show on 1360 AM Rational Radio, or at RationalRadio.org at 1 p.m on Saturday and Sunday. Or even stream it video-style by visiting Ustream.com and search for the show by name. But who knows — he might let you peek in if you show up.bitcointradeпродвижение сайта в поиске