With the Brick closing, it looked like there were zero options for  hip-hop in the local gay scene, but Kirk Myers, business advisor for Dallas Southern Pride, called to tell me that The Mining Company will pick up the slack and partner with DSP  to host Magnum Thursdays starting this week. TMC is already posting it on their Web site.

“We see this as a new time in Dallas where all races can have events on the strip and that Caven took the lead on providing a place to have a hip-hop night,” he said. Myers also mentioned that Caven might be a part in this year’s Dallas Southern Pride event with current event promoters, Magnum Encounters and After Dark Entertainment in October. “Cavern has expressed a desire to support this year’s Dallas Southern Pride as they see it as vital part of the overall gay scene in Dallas. We hope this partnership leads to more exciting ventures and we see this as a great opportunity to make the strip the go-to destination for all in the GLBT community,” he said.

DSP chair, Val Coleman chimed in as well. “Although there are several African-American social and civic organizations in Dallas, we are ecstatic that Caven has chosen to partner with the only official African-American Pride in Dallas and as a result we look forward to this leading to an ongoing effort to make the strip the go to GLBT all inclusive destination,” he said.jet-hackспособы рекламы сайта