OK, not sure this is totally offensive, but it pissed off my hubbie, so I thought I’d throw it out there.

During last night’s finale of “American Idol” (wow! way to go, Cook!), Fox teased the next season of its lie-detector game show, “The Moment of Truth.” In typical Fox fashion, it was kinda melodramatic, including this promo:

Announcer: “And get ready, ’cause we’re pressing the cringe factor further than ever before.”

Host asking question to male contestant: “Have you ever been physically attracted to another man?” (Audience gasps.)

I guess it’s the idea that even being attracted to a man would cause you to “cringe” is what sounds rude. Of course, ask me that, and I’d  happily run down a list of mancrushes. And it wouldn’t really offend me to be asked if I have ever been physically attracted to a woman — sure! Why not?

But aside from my dad — the straightest man I know, but also a total sweetheart to his gay son — I can  hardly think of living your life and not being attracted to a man (mostly, Brad Pitt). And I can’t see why, even for a straight guy, admitting it would be so awful — even on national TV.

Now, a lot of the questions on this show are about sex because people find that uncomfortable to talk about. But maybe it’s precisely because we don’t see his answer — a truthful “no” wouldn’t be such a big deal in any circumstance, and a truthful “yes” he’s comfortable with shouldn’t matter to anyone — that the segment seems homophobic. Cringe at an attraction? Geez, let’s hope I don’t go on the show and tell them what I would do (and have done) to another man. kombo-pornoпродвижение сайтов продвижение сайтов