KERA will get a really gay perspective on the Oscars today — and you can even get a jump on an article coming up this week in Dallas Voice. Tomorrow’s print edition will contain my picks for the Academy Awards, but you can find out my predictions a few hours earlier on the local NPR station. I will be joined by Christopher Kelly, the gay film critic at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, for an Oscar preview on “Think,” 90.1-FM’s daily talk show, from 1 to 2 p.m.

For those who doubt it, I have some credibility on this issue: HarperCollins published my book about the Oscars, “The Envelope Please,” a few years back, and I have seen all but a handful of all the Oscar nominees this year (basically a few documentary features and shorts, and the foreign language films that have yet to get distribution). So listen up!siteподобрать ключевые слова для сайта