Rafael McDonnell at Resource Center Dallas reports that the agency has already received 25 contributions totaling more than $800 for its “Hell Freezes Over” counterprotest fundraiser of Westboro Bapitst Church. WBC’s Phelps clan is scheduled to visit Resource Center on Friday evening, and RCD is using the opportunity to raise money for an ice machine for its meals program serving low-income people with HIV/AIDS. McDonnell said the contributions thus far have come from as far as New York, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland.

“I thought this would get a reaction from the community,” McDonnell said Tuesday afternoon. “I don’t’ think I anticipated the level of reaction to be honest. This thing has just spidered out through social media in an amazing way.”

Also, Brian MacDonough was kind enough to share some photos from a sign-making party Monday night at Lee Harvey’s, to prepare for the Phelps clan’s visit to Dallas, which also includes several other pickets Friday through Sunday. MacDonough said the group planned to gather again Tuesday  at Lee Harvey’s at 6:30 p.m. My favorite sign so far is the one gay artist Robb Conover is holding above, but the Phelpses would say that’s just because I’m a pervert. More signs after the jump.