Pam has the email from NOM’s Brian Brown:

This is a ruling that not only ignores the clear, legally-enacted will of the people of California, but jeopardizes the marriage laws of 45 states and threatens to strip millions of Americans of our core civil right to vote for marriage. We will fight back! Details to follow . . . .

We’ll be fighting harder, Brian. We want our equality. At the Courage Campaign Prop 8 Trial Tracker, Adam Bink reports that Brian blew off a conference call with supporters tonight. Jeremy Hooper has more on the NOM fail.

Via press release, Robert Knight, who claims to be the author of DOMA, is asking for prayers:

“The judge’s contempt for the rule of law and a constitutionally guaranteed self-governing republic cannot be overemphasized,” said Robert Knight, Senior Writer and Washington , D.C. Correspondent for Coral Ridge Ministries , who was a draftsman of the federal Defense of Marriage Act. “With courts turning traditional values into a form of ‘hate’ actionable under the law, we are seeing the criminalization of not only Christianity but of the foundational values of civilization itself.

“As the case heads to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and eventually to the Supreme Court, Americans need to pray that the judges diligently seek wisdom before ruling. And we urge our constituents to encourage public officials to support ways to stop the judicial wrecking ball from further damaging God’s oldest human institution – marriage.”

And, from Jim Burroway at Box Turtle Bulletin, an intra-right wing blame game is underway:

This is hilarious. Matt Staver’s Liberty Counsel, which is closely aligned with Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, issued a press release blaming the Prop 8 decision on the Alliance Defense Fund.

Have at it.

Of course, the religious right does have Newt Gingrich and Mary Matalin on their side. Both of them are huge proponents of marriage, having each been married three times. Rush will undoubtedly weigh in tomorrow. He’s been married four times.