As a working travel journalist, I often get invited by cities, CVBs, regions and companies to tour their areas so that I might write travel stories that would be of interest to my readers. Some sound fun but impractical; some sound practical but fun-free.

And then there’s the one I just got, from the Branson, Mo., convention bureau.

I have been invited to enjoy a “family” vacation in the Ozarks. But I think my interpretation of the work “family” is different than theirs. Among the activities I can choose from: Showboat Branson Belle; Yakov Smirnoff in Concert; Hamner Barber Variety Show; Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede; and a stage production called “Noah: The Musical.”

Now, I appreciate the invitation. And Dolly is a bit of gay goddess in a blonde wig. But I think the Branson press office might have wanted to tailor the offerings more for a GLBT audience. Although I was intrigued by one option: “Baldknobbers Jamboree Show.” Sounds gayer than anything that’s ever happened in the Castro — and without the irony. But I think I’ll pass on this one.turbohack.ruбизнес процесс powered by dle