Because I am a male over the age of 13, I have never read one of the Twilight books. The gay part might throw you off, but trust me: Post-pubescent men have no reason to read that drivel. (This does not apply to the absolutely AWFUL movies, which I watch simply because of my unhealthy obsession with Taylor Lautner, which is perfectly normal for a man my age.)

So that may explain why the latest (eighth) episode of The Variants — the very gay Webseries produced right here in Dallas at Zeus Comics on Lemmon —  may be the best yet. It starts with a Tarantino-esque screed about the book series, that reveals tons of plot points not yet revealed in the movies. (The filmmakers treat the movie plots like nuclear plans or the Coke recipe, when anyone with a library card or Wikipedia account could tell you what happens at the end of the series.) For that alone, I love its spoiler factor. It’s the tightest writing yet.

But I can’t stand how the Zeus folks upload their videos — I can’t find the embed code for the latest episode on their Website or YouTube channel, so you just have to link it here.

Update: So Chris Williams at Zeus schooled me on how to do the embed link from So you can look at it here:
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