In my e-mail inbox this morning, I got a message titled “An Open Letter to Sarah Palin About Rick Perry From Independent Texans.” I couldn’t resist reading it.

The letter is interesting, and I will include the whole thing after the jump. But first, let’s talk about the group that sent the e-mail. It is “respectfully” signed, “Linda Curtis, Independent Texan,” and there is a link to a site called BootPerry.Org. And let me tell you, these people really don’t like Rick Perry.

In fact, their motto is “Anyone But Perry” for Texas governor in 2010.

The site includes articles like the one comparing the governor to “Lawn Chair Larry,” that guy in California who tied a bunch of big helium ballons to his armchair so he could float around over the house drinking beer, but then ended up getting untethered and floating into the flight patterns at the L.A. airport. There is another that accuses Perry of “depraved indifference” and lists the “evidence” for the charge.

Apparently, these folks really don’t care who gets to be governor of Texas this year, as long as it isn’t Rick Perry. Me, I don’t know what’s going to happen come Election Day, but it should be interesting, at the very least.

Anyway, here’s the letter to Palin, after the jump:

An Open Letter to Sarah Palin About Rick Perry From Independent Texans

Dear Sarah:

We been trying to reach you ever since we heard that you’re going to be in Texas during the Super Bowl this Sunday to support our Governor’s run for yet another term. Please don’t treat us like you treated President George HW Bush, who called you twice but never got a call back. Some people say you did that for political reasons, others say you just ain’t got no home training. We really don’t know what to think.

We just wanted you to know that Texans have been planning a Tea Party for Rick Perry in Galveston Bay ever since the good Governor tried to carry out the largest private land grab in US history for the Trans-Texas Corridor. Texans have been trying to give back a little piece of the hell Rick Perry has been giving to us for the last 8 years.

Everybody’s talking about why you are coming here if you’re really a tea partier. Then we heard you were getting paid to appear. Well at least somebody’s getting paid around here.

Mrs. Palin, maybe you don’t have time to return a few phone calls.  Maybe you should just butt out and let Texans settle up with Rick Perry.

Respectfully, Linda Curtis, Independent Texans
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