If you haven’t already seen this dramatic video of a Pepsi truck crashing on the Tollway, it’s definitely worth a look-see. But what isn’t worth your time is the poor reporting on the WFAA website.

“We now have dramatic video of an 18-wheeler as it careened out of control on the Dallas North Tollway,” the online report says. “The images, provided by a North Texas Tollway Authority traffic camera, show the Pepsi truck driving in the southbound lanes at Beltline Road Wednesday afternoon when a car apparently cut it off. The truck driver over-corrected and crossed the concrete median barrier, ending up on its side sliding in the northbound lanes.” (Emphasis mine.)

As any boob who actually watches the video can see, the accident was totally the car driver’s fault. Yet the reporting makes it seem as if the trucker was. His truck “careen[s] out of control,” as if the driver lost control. From what I can see, he was forced into the median by a speeding sedan that plowed into him twice and blocked his forward movement. In annoyingly PC fashion, the word “apparently” is used as if this report is a court of law where evidence must be proven, instead of a thinking person who can believe what he sees. The car CUTS HIM OFF. Simple as that. And the trucker “over-corrected?” How is having a car force you to the side “over-correcting?” He did all he could — all anyone could — do. Characterizing this accident as WFAA does seems like total disregard for facts and instead devotion to buzzwords. Not cool.online for mobiпластиковые окна продвижение