I took some flak when I originally named my one-eyed Chihuahua “Popeye,” reflecting his ocular non-conformity. Kris Martin in my office said it would scar him emotionally; I said it would put him at ease. (Anyway, he’s a Mexican breed, so I can just claim it’s my gringo way of saying “Papi.”) Kris came around.

Not so Terry Thompson in my office. He insists Popeye is defective and/or funny-looking. I think he has character.

So Terry took it upon himself to — in his words — use “the magic of reconstructive iSurgery” to “improve” upon my little Mexican spitfire. Thus, THIS picture of my dog …


… has become THIS.


Already, Kris Martin has encouraged the modification, but I don’t know. Better? Worse? I just don’t want to have to change his name to PopIN.виды продвижения сайта