Gov. Pat McCrory

PayPal has announced it will not open a new global operations center in North Carolina because of the state’s new LGBT discrimination law, according to NBC Charlotte-affiliate WCNC.

The company announced plans for the new facility just a few weeks ago. The center was to have been located in Charlotte, which had just passed a nondiscrimination ordinance, and would have employed 400. After that city passed its new law, the legislature met in special session and passed a law that would force trans men to use ladies restrooms and allow any business claiming “deeply held religious beliefs” to fire or refuse to do business with an LGBT person.

A number of companies threatened to withhold business from the state after Gov. Pat McCrory signed the bill into law. Cities, states and a number of companies limited or forbade travel to the state.

PayPal has become the first company to withdraw business and jobs from North Carolina.