You can trust your car (but apparently not your wallet) to the man who wears the star.

Although every gas station raised prices by about 70 cents, only one Dallas Texaco is being accused of price gouging during the days during and following the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey in charges filed by the attorney general’s office.

Bains Brothers, owners of Dallas area Texaco stations, are accused of posting prices in the $3-4 range but charging $6.99 per gallon on Aug. 31. They don’t own stations in the city of Dallas, but in surrounding suburbs.

The two other companies charged with gouging in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey are Best Western Plus Tropic Inn in Robstown, a city just west of Corpus Christi. The hotel is charged with tripling its room prices the weekend Hurricane Harvey hit. And a Chevron station outside of Laredo is accused of charging $8.99-9.99 per gallon for gas on Aug. 31.

For each violation, the penalty can be as much as $20,000. When the victim is 65 or older, the penalty may increase to $250,000.