The theatrical premiere of Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives was sold out for both midnight shows this weekend at the Inwood Theatre in Dallas, according to writer and director Israel Luna. Here’s his report to Instant Tea:

Opening weekend in Dallas was amazing! We sold out both midnight showings and I was surprised and pleased at the amount of people who stuck around for the Q&A after!

The audience cheered, booed the bad guys, and stood up when the cast walked up to the stage! People formed a long line for the girls to get fliers signed, take photos and congratulate them.

I’m still in shock that my dream is happening! Here I am, a little filmmaker who shot this movie locally with my friends and we got distribution, chatted with John Waters, premiered at TriBeca, sold out our movie on opening weekend in Dallas and are preparing to shoot another. I’m living my dream.

I can’t thank everyone enough!”

Above is video from the premier shot by Todd Jenkins. The film will show in theaters in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Chicago before its DVD release Nov. 9.