Dallas DJ Ryan Tiffin has accomplished a lot in a short time. The DJ, who spins weekly at Club Dallas for a late-night set on Saturdays, will be increasing his reach with his upcoming gig: Two sessions at the Walt Disney World gaylebration, Gay Days, coming up the first weekend in June.

The annual festivities — which for more than 20 years have made the Happiest Place on Earth a little happier — see the influx of hundreds of thousands of queer pilgrims for amusement park fun during couched around circuit party extravagance.

Tiffin will spin for two different five-hour sets: The Main Pool Party at the Doubletree on Friday, June 6 (5–10 p.m.) and then turns right around for another set from noon­–­5 p.m. on Saturday, June 7.

So how does one come up with 10 hours of constant music in a 24-hour period … and do it live (no pre-recorded sets, here). Well, that’s why Ryan has already started planning what he’ll want to feature — though he still had time to get a new glow-in-the-dark leather harness especially for the event. Hey, he plans to have fun, too.

— Arnold Wayne Jones

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