Turtle Creek Chorale’s ’80s-themed concert includes costume contest


WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT | You gonna let someone else dress up in ’80s garb better than you? What would Cyndi say? (Arnold Wayne Jones/Dallas Voice)

I’m just gonna say it: The ’80s was the best decade. Sure, there was Reagan and the rise of HIV and Kim Kardashian was born, but aside from those travesties, there’s never been another decade like it. Hair metal. Miami Vice. Bill Cosby was still a good guy. Spandex. Where would we be without the ’80s?

Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 2.00.01 PMThe Turtle Creek Chorale gets it. That’s why their summer concert, which closes out their 2014–15 season, is a tribute to that one-of-a-kind era, titled appropriately Turtle-ly ’80s. But it’s not just the music of the era they are celebrating (from Footloose to Prince to, oh, say, “We Built This City”) but also the fashions. And they want you to play along.

Each performance next week will be preceded by a costume contest in the lobby, starting 45 minutes before curtain. Contestants (individuals or couples) will be judged on four criteria “Awesomeness,” “Glitter,” “Attitude” and “Amount of Hair Spray.” Winners, chosen by a three-judge panel, will receive a walk-on in Act 2 of the concert, as well as a pair of season tickets to the chorale’s 2015-16 season of concerts. How gnarly is that?

— Arnold Wayne Jones

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition June 5, 2015.