By David Webb Staff Writer

Here! switches from pay-per-view feature to component in monthly subscription package

Time Warner Cable’s North Texas Division announced this week it has upgraded its LGBT programming to a level that now exceeds what the previous cable provider offered.

The local cable company that services Dallas and surrounding suburbs added Logo this week to its Digital Classic lineup. Logo, a gay-themed channel, is produced by MTV Networks.

Time Warner Cable officials described the new network’s content as “authentic, smart, inclusive and open-minded.”

“Here!, another LGBT channel that was available only as a pay-per-view feature on the cable company’s demand service, is now available as a monthly subscription.

The upgrade represents the cable company’s commitment to diversity in programming, said Gary Underwood, director of communications for Time Warner Cable’s North Texas Division.

“We’re increasing the variety of programming in North Texas to better meet our customers’ needs,” Underwood said.

Underwood noted that the upgrade of Here! to a monthly subscription fee represents a savings for customers. The cable company made the change to provide its customers with the most cost-efficient service, he said.

When Time Warner Cable took over the area’s cable service from Comcast on Aug. 1, LGBT consumers discovered they could no longer access Logo and Here! on the demand service. Here! became inaccessible for 10 days because of a technical problem, and Logo was not available because Time Warner Cable lacked a contract to show it.

That led to complaints and some cancellations of service from gay and lesbian Dallas residents, and cable company officials announced plans to acquire more LGBT programming options.

The new network that went up this week offers a library of 300 gay and lesbian films, including “Mulholland Drive,” “Kissing Jessica Stein,” “High Art,” “Philadelphia” and “Latter Days.” The movies range from independents to major productions. Logo also offers a series of award-winning documentaries featuring rarely-told histories and other stories, original series and a gay-themed news broadcast called “CBS News on Logo.”

Logo is now available on Digital Channel 270 where network upgrades have been completed. Some areas, including parts of Dallas, have not yet been upgraded. The cable company began the upgrades after taking over the local cable service in a project that was estimated to require two years for completion.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, October 20, 2006. game online rpg mobileпродвижение интернет сайтов оп тимизация