Not my car. Mine's worse.
Not my car. Mine’s worse.

Today I did the socially responsible thing and drove my car to work.

I usually take DART. And I love taking DART. Hampton Station is right up the street from my house.

My bike
My bike

I hop on the Red Line along with my bike. The new cars have a hook to hang a bicycle. I take the Red Line to West End Station, run across the tracks and hop on the Green Line for one stop to Victory Station. The two trains are timed well during rush hour and I either race to catch the second train or wait less than two minutes for it.

From Victory, I cross the arena parking lot to the Katy Trail and ride 2.5 miles up to Fitzhugh, cut through the parking lot across from our building, take my bike up the elevator and park right behind my desk.

I love taking DART. In rush hour, the trip takes maybe 15 minutes longer by bike and DART, but I get a few minutes to sit and read and then I get some exercise.

But on Tuesday, DART’s Board of Directors approved a nondiscrimination policy that nullifies proposed transgender protections and rescinds 15-year-old sexual-orientation protections.

So today I drove.