Today, Servicemembers United is hosting a lobby day for supporters of DADT repeal. It’s called the “Final Assault.” That’s an appropriate name, because the next few days could make or break the effort to end DADT. If we can’t even get the compromise DADT language passed, we’re in trouble.

Today, they’ll be working the Hill to get Senators on board. And, they’ve clearly laid out the ask:

1) OPPOSE a motion to strike the repeal amendment from the bill
2) OPPOSE any replacement or substitute repeal amendment
3) OPPOSE any attempt to modify the repeal amendment in the bill
4) OPPOSE any filibuster attempt
5) SUPPORT final passage of the bill

The first hurdle is the filibuster attempt. As we reported yesterday, McCain is planning to block the Defense Authorization bill from even getting to the floor. Yep, choosing his own personal prejudices and homophobia over legislation to fund our troops and our military operations during two wars. The vote to end the filibuster should come next Tuesday. It is going to be a big test.

Support SU’s efforts today. You’ve got the talking points. Call your Senators. Like these young people in Colorado did. The Senate switchboard number is 202-224-3121.